Collect Email replies into a Google sheet.

  1. Pick a custom @mail2sheet email address.
  2. Ask the recipients of your emails to CC that address when they reply.
  3. All replies automatically added to your google sheet
Free, no signup required. 👇🏼
Spreadsheet name
Your email
Your Mail2Sheet email
* You'll get an email with a link to your google sheet

Questions & Answers

How much does this cost?
It is free!, I got the idea from this tweet and decided to build it over the weekend.
What about privacy?

Mail2Sheet will create a Google spreadsheet and add you as the owner, you can edit or delete the spreadsheet at any time.

We never receive access to your email or Google account, We do get API access to the sheet we created for you so we can add the replies.

Can I create more then one custom Mail2Sheet email?
Yes! you can create as many as you'd like, it's free.
Got more questions?
You can reach us over at